What is this site all about?

If you read the ‘about’ page, you’ll get a feel for it. The site is founded on a premise of freedom of expression and being able to say what you mean. Another founding premise is that it is perfectly possible to say what one means without resorting to abuse or threats.

Do you have an editorial policy?

This site comes from what is known as a ‘gender critical’ position. It’s worth noting that gender critical beliefs are deemed ‘worthy of respect in a democratic society’ and are protected under the UK’s Equality Act 2010 (See Forstater v CGD June 2021)).

This means our editorial stance is guided by the material facts of biology – humans are either female or male. We can’t change sex and our biological sex is important when it comes to our rights and our needs. There are times when female and male needs differ and also times when females in particular need single-sex spaces in which males are not allowed.

These are basic facts and not intended to be hateful or even unkind to anyone who does not agree with them. They are also facts on which women’s rights are based, so an attack on these facts is akin to an attack on women’s rights. Therefore this site’s editorial policy includes defending women’s sex-based rights.


It is possible to be both different and equal. For example there are obvious, material differences between women and men, but we are still equal. Acknowledging difference, and/or differing needs, is not the same as being hateful.