Websites, organisations and people campaigning for sex-based rights and around gender issues… Don’t let ANYONE hoodwink you into believing any of these are ‘hate groups’. It simply isn’t true. They are women organising to defend women’s rights. You won’t find any hate here. (NB: list is a work in progress!)

Sex Matters – lots of facts, info and advice on campaigning.

Woman’s Place UK – set up by trades unionists/women of the left to campaign and ask questions about the effect of self-ID on women’s sex-based rights.

Fair Play for Women campaigns for sex-based rights in general, but especially in sport.

Transgender Trend – set up by parents whose children have gender issues. Takes an evidence-based approach, rather than ideological/affirmation model.

Safe Schools Alliance – campaigns and advises parents and schools on what’s appropriate for kids to be taught about sex and gender.

Gender critcal art and shops. Get your campaigning materials, t-shirts and more from these warrior women!

Wild Womyn Workshop. Angela Wild’s activist art takes the form of inspired radfem and witchy t-shirts – and lots more.

The Famous Artist Birdy Rose makes some cracking t-shirts and other items of clothing.

Joolz Denby’s artwork isn’t usually explicitly GC, but she is (although may not describe herself that way?). Beautiful work often inspired by nature.

Adult Human Female store. Kelly-Jay Keen/Standing For Women shop, where you can buy the original dicionary definition of a woman t-shirts and more.